Imagine Ice Age Without Webcams & Girls

group of friends on snapchat stories

Without Technology There Would Be No Web Cam Porn Pics Girls Shows or Male Cams

Now imagine an post apocalyptic time in the ice age. Where all technology is gone, what would you do without your favorite cam girl and sites that post everyone’s live prerecorded cam porn show videos, to make selfies or webcam with your boyfriend? Heading into 2019, you have to head with style, freshness, great attitude. Equipped with all the latest updates that the social media. The IT sector and the Internet as a whole operates on. You don’t want to be missing out on your sexy pictures after Tumblr shutdown their adult section. And be that person who constantly asks about what is the best alternative now for pics to replace your favorite Tumblr sex blog. Or how to add a friend on a certain social app. With nudes and porn selfies shared on cam software’s by Captain America, this was just the case. It was a bit confusing to add a friend due to their long usernames or their quirky ways of naming themselves. You know Bob as, Bob. You used to call him flaky Bob since he had dandruff in the 1st grade. Now, all of a sudden, he is pussy_killer69 on Chaturbate and you would have never guessed it! Really Bob? Pussy_killer69? Yeah right.

Imagine Ice Age Without Snapchat and Cellphones

Girls and Guys Get Naked on WebCam & Video

We all have seen boobs on girls being naked of the world and since we are all using the same social media camming apps like Snapchat. Posting naked photos changed this confusing way of adding your friends and simplified it. Now, you have a “share username with a selfie” option in your Add Friends drop down menu. When you tap on it, you will receive a personal URL that you can share your naked pictures with anyone you want to share it with. Clicking on it, the account will be automatically added to your friends list. Hooray!!! It became the normal thing to do among teens to share camera footage videos and photos of each other. Now we get to send them silly pics and cam moments that last for ten seconds, hooray!

group of friends on snapchat stories

As with any social media or a platform that offers us a chance to communicate, even with Camsoda, things aren’t that different concerning the dating part of our lives. Cam models probably has the best idea for an app that connects us with friends and strangers alike. With Snapchat you get to take pics that are going to be deleted in a certain time period. This gives so many a kinky idea, to take crazy private live shows on webcam, take “inappropriate pics” and to basically use the app as a dating app or as a sext app. We all know Kik to be a substitute for SMS texting. Teens prefer Kik the most and it makes sense since they are the ones who have all the time in the world to do nothing and just text, text and text. Eventually, out of that boredom, sexting comes into play and there you have it, a new platform where teens get to be naughty, where they experiment and see how far they can go with their flirty ways.

Many apps have seen a meteoric rise of their popularity among a certain targeted market but it is the fluidity of this “market” that’s making the creators of the app scratch their heads since the users are using the app in a completely different way than intended. Stripchat cam models site was invented with an idea behind it to take a selfie and for it to be deleted. With this “limit” who else is going to abuse it than those who are let’s say of a “creative mind”. They say that boredom is the Devil’s playground. With so much time on their hands, Snapchat users made Snapchat into a dating app and even went a step further and made it into a sext app. The creators of the app couldn’t have predicted this, not by a long shot.

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Now, since it is 2018, we can’t be thinking in a streamlined way anymore. All of the social media apps, all of the messengers, WhatsApps, Vibers, Instagrams, Snapchats etc., are in their essence, the same thing. They were made to connect us within a certain frame. Some have this, some have that, but they all have the same thing, a potential to bring us sex. And when you think about it, most of these apps are ego oriented. How many times have you placed a lame picture of yourself, where you look at your worst? Exactly. And why are we doing this? So that we find a mating partner if possible. Those who are married and old don’t use these apps anyway, but those who are prime users of these apps, are around 15 to 30 something years of age. It all comes down to sex.

It is not a secret anymore that these social media platforms are being used as dating forums. Even the dating forums wish to have as much traffic as these apps have. We just have to sit and wait what’s the next app going to be that’s just going to wipe the slate clean and introduce the next wave of apps to the market. Until that day of ice age comes and there will be no more cell phones and computers and Snapchat to use, try not to get caught with your pants down on Snapchat. These selfies pics do get screenshot by those who see them. Keep it PG people and don’t forget to watch Snowpiercer movie since it is a great film after all.